Discover What’s New in PPM Core 2.2

PPM Core – a project portfolio management platform and the latest product of Synami’s diverse product portfolio, has been upgraded to version 2.2. Two essential functionalities are added in this version—Baselines and Grouping—along with enhancements and necessary bug fixes, all focused on improving the project planning process and execution. 

Here’s an overview of the major features PPM Core version 2.2 brings: 


Baselines functionality  

With this addition to the PPM Core as a key functionality, users can capture the current project current state, compare progress against the original plan and identify variances.   


Key benefits of this functionality include: 


  • Performance Tracking: Users can monitor project progress by comparing current performance against the baseline. 
  • Variance Analysis: They can also identify deviations from the plan and take corrective actions. 
  • Historical Reference: It allows users to maintain a historical record of project snapshots for audit purposes. 

 Grouping functionality 

 The grouping functionality, as a second main addition to the latest version, enables users to organize the activities into categories for better visibility and management. 


Key benefits of this functionality include: 


  • Enhanced Organization: Offers user group related tasks together, hence simplifying project navigation and management. 
  • Custom Views: Users can also create custom views based on groupings that focus on specific aspects of the project. 

To learn more about all these new functionalities and improvements to the newest version, follow this link.



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