Website Planet Interview: Igor Dimkovski shares insights on ScheduleReader

In a recent conversation with Website Planet, Igor Dimkovski, the General Manager of Synami, provided an in-depth look at how the company is helping to resolve the most pressing project management issues with its diverse and innovative software solutions. 


„We have always been focused on listening to the needs of the market. This customer-centric approach ensures that our products and services are tailored to meet the real demands of our users.“ – Dimkovski shared. 


In the interview, he highlighted ScheduleReader, one of Synami’s flagship products, which allows project professionals to effortlessly share and analyze project data, offering an efficient alternative to PDFs, and emphasized the upward trend of the product along with future expectations in demand. 


„We are experiencing upward trends in almost every region, and I anticipate a substantial increase in demand for the software in the Middle East and Africa. “ – adds the General Manager of Synami. 


Read the complete interview here. 



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