20 years of Seavus Project Viewer

Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence: A journey through the evolution of Seavus Project Viewer

As time flies by, we are happy that we reached milestones that deserve special attention!


The year 2023 marks exactly 20 years from the official launch of the software solution that changed thousands of working environments across the globe and still does: Seavus Project Viewer – the leading Microsoft Project Viewer to open MPP files.


It feels like yesterday when we embarked on this journey of innovation, and now two decades later, we stand tall, reflecting on the remarkable progress we’ve made. None of this would have been possible without our loyal customers, as well as our dedicated team and the unwavering spirit that contributed to this incredible milestone.


Back at the end of 2002, a group of visionary minds in our company set out to create something groundbreaking, to solve a client’s need. They recognized a need for a software solution that would revolutionize the project and optimize the team’s productivity. Thus, our flagship product was developed, with the aim of empowering users and helping some of the leading enterprises manage projects.


” We diligently worked while simultaneously acquiring knowledge and skills. As the product evolved, we realized that it was undeniably the trust we established with our customers and the consistent quality of our product that truly set us apart. Consequently, our customers continue to return every year for regular updates, and many of them enthusiastically recommend Seavus Project Viewer to others. Presently, Seavus Project Viewer serves as the prominent representative of our company, catering to a user base of over 6 million “.  –  says Ljubisha Mladenovski, Product Line Owner at Synami


Today, we celebrate not just the success of our software product but also the enduring relationships we’ve formed with our customers, partners, and employees.


This is a two-decade celebration of innovation, dedication, and the impact we’ve made. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has been a part of this journey. Here’s to 20 years of excellence, and to many more!


Visit the link to learn more about this amazing SPV milestone.

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