Igor Lestar

Igor Lestar: Synami is ready to help more project management organizations globally

1.You are recognized as the CEO of Seavus Group, which was recently acquired by the Czech company ARICOMA, we are now however discussing your new company Synami, which until recently was a part of Seavus Group. After the acquisition, Synami now continues to work independently, with 20 years of experience. What kind of challenges do you face now, since even though the company has a vast experience, it is still a new brand on the local and the international IT market?


Yes, Synami continues as a new brand, however the people who make up this company are the very same group that has gathered a 20 years’ experience in this industry. We are among our clients recognized by our products that they have used for almost two decades, so for them the rebranding will not change anything. And now, with our new growth strategy, they are even keener to expand our relationship in order for us to develop new products and build even more success stories.


If we take into consideration that our client portfolio includes many leading global companies, I would say that Synami is already well-positioned globally, and now we will strive to be the driving force in the digital transformation of our customers.



  1. If you were to make a short biography of Synami, how it would look like? What kind of international experience do you bring, what kind of products have you developed, which is your best-selling and most accepted product and what types of companies are included in your portfolio…?

The story about Synami started approximately 18 years ago as a part of Seavus Group, when we received a request from a customer to create a more efficient management of their work processes. We then developed a solution exclusively for them whereas they purchased 4000 licenses of the product. This was our first agreement and at this moment, the cooperation seemed very promising, so we basically decided to establish this as a business and have it pave the path forward. It was one of those times where I made a fast decision and created a team to start selling the product online, worldwide, as an independent business solution. It is the product Seavus Project Viewer, which today is a “bestseller” with over 4 million installations in about 4000 clients from 172 countries around the world.


From this perspective I guess that the decision was correct and we started developing and experimenting with new products motivated by this success. These are applications which help big project organizations to optimize their work and improve their organizational efficiency, and at the same time, providing cost and time savings in order to strengthen the team collaboration. We serve extremely large customers with an average size of 40,000 employees and I am really proud that Synami’s portfolio include 70% of the most successful Fortune 500 companies, such as Airbus, Rolls Royce, McLaren, SAP, Tesla.


Having in mind that the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the need for digital transformation within many companies, we have continued helping big organizations to optimize their operations. We are now more focused on developing software in the field of internal communications and reporting, in order to optimize their work processes even further, as the rapid digitalization imposed even more rapid communication.



  1. How do you see Synami’s competitive advantage?

Our vast experience in project management tools, the knowledge that we have acquired working on some of the biggest leading companies, as well as our human capacity are our biggest assets and the core of this business. This enables us to predict the trends and the market needs, but also to develop, test and launch products that will answer the challenges of the new era. Basically, we have an experienced team, with a new energy and a new vision and I firmly believe that this combination will be the key for achieving great results.



  1. Finally, what are your short-term plans for Synami’s further growth and development?

As I mentioned before, we have quite ambitious plans, and we have a great potential in order to achieve them. We are planning over 50% growth in this year alone, but as we foresee much further potential, we will absolutely continue with this dynamic in the next coming years as well.

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