Introducing PPM Core’s new Cost Management feature

Synami is excited to announce a significant update to PPM Core, a cloud-based project & portfolio management software. Alongside its powerful Universal Project Viewer and Portfolio Management features, PPM Core now includes a user-friendly Cost Management feature.


Simplifying Project Financials with PPM Core’s Latest Update


We are delighted to introduce the latest addition to the PPM Core platform: the Cost Management feature. This new feature is designed to make handling your project’s finances easier than ever. It focuses on streamlining financial reports, tracking expenses, preventing overspending, and analysing budgets.


Main Features of the New Cost Management Tool:


  1. Organizing Costs and Budgets: The feature helps categorize and allocate project costs and budgets.
  2. Easier Tracking and Analysis: It simplifies how you track and analyse project spending.
  3. Real-time Updates and Team Collaboration: This offers a shared space for teams to see financial updates as they happen.

This addition to PPM Core makes monitoring project finances simple and efficient, ensuring projects stay within budget.


Benefits of the Cost Management Feature:


  • Improved Financial Oversight: Manage project finances more effectively.
  • Accurate Budget Control: Keep a closer eye on your project budgets.
  • Comprehensive Cost Handling: Get a full view of all project-related expenses.

This feature is designed to make everyday project management smoother and more efficient, especially in handling financial aspects.


Discover how PPM Core’s Cost Management feature can transform your approach to project financials. Get into the cloud and explore the full capabilities of this innovative tool, designed to elevate your project management experience


Learn more and start mastering your project budgets today.

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