Learn about PPM Core’s newest upgrade: Pre-filtering

We are pleased to announce the latest enhancement to our cloud-based project and portfolio management platform, PPM Core. This functional upgrade specifically pertains to the Universal Project Viewer feature, which has been enriched with pre-filtering. 


Pre-filtering is designed to control how project data is displayed on the Gantt chart and ensure team members access the most relevant project information. 


Key advantages of the Pre-filtering upgrade: 


  • Customized Layouts: Easily control the display of project data on the Gantt chart by creating predefined layouts per schedule group. 
  • Flexible Filtering Options: Define layouts by filtering schedule data based on Activity Codes and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) elements. 
  • Tailored Access Controls: Ensure team members only see project data that meets pre-filtering criteria and is relevant to their roles and responsibilities. 
  • Efficient Schedule Management: Create layouts quickly with intuitive navigation and a user-friendly interface, saving time and effort. 

Benefits of the Pre-filtering Feature: 


  • Reduced complexity 
  • Improved productivity 
  • Faster onboarding 
  • Transparency and empowerment 
  • Simplified Project Oversight 

The Pre-filtering upgrade empowers administrators to create layouts while ensuring team members access the necessary data. To learn more about it click on the following link. 


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