ScheduleCleaner version 3.4 is now available!

As an essential tool for project management professions, Synami’s product ScheduleCleaner is continuously upgraded to meet the current market needs. 

In that manner, we are happy to introduce the latest version of Schedule Cleaner, 3.4. 


ScheduleCleaner’s latest version is upgraded with two new features that will drive the project scheduling process to deliver more efficient results. 


  • Export Template 
  • “Employee ID” field modification 

 This version includes improvements that will provide greater flexibility to project schedulers and managers, while they are using the software. 

The key benefits offered by the newest version 3.4 are: 


  • Sharing the cleaning modification among the team using the “Export Template” functionality allowing you to save the changes in a file that can be quickly shared by team members. 
  • Modifying the appearance of the “Employee ID” field in the project plan. This will increase the number of total fields that can be modified in the project plan, granting project schedulers more customizing choices.    

Learn more about the details on the following link.

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