ScheduleReader version 9.6 is now available: Elevate Your Project Viewing Experience

ScheduleReader, the leading software for opening and viewing XER and XML project schedules, has been upgraded to a new version – 9.6. The version is designed to enhance productivity and modernize the management of project plans.    


This new release brings forward a suite of features to improve flexibility and performance, catering specifically to users working with Oracle Primavera P6 23.12.  


Here’s what’s new: 


  • Compatibility with Oracle Primavera P6 23.12: Seamlessly view and analyze project plans exported from the latest version of Oracle Primavera P6, ensuring continuity and access to the latest functionalities. 
  • Enhanced Graphical Reports for ScheduleReader PRO: Customize reports with improved graphical capabilities to highlight crucial project data, offering a tailored approach to data presentation for stakeholders. 
  • Selective Visibility of External Activities: Gain control over your project’s display by choosing to show or hide external activities, allowing for a focused view on what matters most to your project’s success. 
  • Consistent Visual Text Style: Maintain visual consistency with Oracle Primavera P6 by mirroring the exact textual layout and font style in your project plans, ensuring a unified appearance across platforms. 
  • Shared Ribbon Customization: Standardize the ScheduleReader experience across your team by importing and exporting customized ribbon views, promoting a cohesive project viewing environment. 

 Version 9.6 of ScheduleReader promises to refine how you interact with project data, ensuring that your work with Oracle Primavera P6 files is more intuitive, personalized, and effective than ever.  


Explore these new features to discover how they can transform your project management workflow on the following link. 




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