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Synami: Exploring new markets and opportunities within project management organizations globally

After two decades of global recognition as a part of Seavus Group, Synami is now looking forward to expanding on the global market.


“Innovative software solutions that modernize the way our customers work” is the motto of the company Synami, which until recently was a part of Seavus Group, before it was sold by Igor Lestar to the Czech company ARICOMA. Synami, now still under his leadership, begins a whole new story relying on its 20 years of experience in product development.


Igor Lestar, the Swedish-Macedonian IT entrepreneur and investor, has an ambitious plan for the company’s growth and development. Although Synami is a new name, the company has vast experience and a rich portfolio of high-class customers, including, among others, Airbus, Tesla, Rolls Royce, McLaren and many more who use its solutions.


In the past the company has developed a number of innovative products which are trusted by more than 6 million users and over 4,500 companies from 172 countries, including over 70% of Fortune 500 enterprises.

“With the experience and knowledge we are gaining through working on solutions for the largest leading global enterprises, Synami is practically entering the global market with a new name. Relying on successful international experiences and the development of numerous software innovations for 20 years, the company has the ambition to be one of the drivers of the digital society and a serious player on the global market. In that direction, we will continue to invest in the development and growth of the company, promoting our products globally. Digitalization is an inevitable process in today’s life, and the COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated the processes and market needs for innovative collaborative solutions. Our experience and strong and competent team allow us to respond quickly to market changes and be one step ahead in delivering software solutions and products for customer needs,” said Igor Lestar, founder of Synami.


In its portfolio, Synami includes a variety of business solutions that improve the companies’ organizational efficiency and their work process, enabling cost and time savings and strengthening their communication and collaboration.

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