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Synami’s Portfolio is Growing: ScheduleReader for Mac is now available!

Synami, as a software development company, has a broad portfolio of innovative solutions that help thousands of individuals and companies across the globe to reach the best results and enhance their productivity for successful projects.


Among them is ScheduleReader, a product that has grown in popularity and importance among project managers in various industries worldwide and has become the leading XER file viewer. Our team has been working hard on new releases and features all these times to support the project managers in the teams and ensure seamless collaboration.


After being present on the market with ScheduleReader for Windows, we are excited to announce the launch of ScheduleReader for Mac, which will be available for project management professionals using the macOS operating system. With this addition to the ScheduleReader family, our main goal is to enable efficient team collaboration, regardless of which OS is used by team members.


Our software will adapt to the needs of your entire team and enhance productivity, as they will all be able to access the same views.


“ScheduleReader is the bridge that seamlessly connects human plans with digital realities, where each line of code weaves the tapestry of innovation, and the user’s journey is a symphony of satisfaction. Using ScheduleReader in your business means quality, the cornerstone of excellence, and the unwavering commitment to doing things not just right, but exceptionally well.” – says Ljubisha Mladenovski, Product Line Owner at Synami.


With ScheduleReader for Mac, users can view and open Oracle Primavera P6 files in .XER file format, and benefit through:


  • Fast loading of large project files;
  • Visual project progress presentation;
  • Interactive analysis of project schedules;
  • Optimized hardware requirements.

This upgrade is a step forward for our company providing project management software solutions for various platforms that will be available to users worldwide.


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Learn more about the features of ScheduleReader for Mac at the following link.


More about ScheduleReader software

ScheduleReader is a stand-alone application that dynamically displays project data from XER and XML schedules exported from Oracle® Primavera® P6® for users to filter, organize, and communicate with project stakeholders.


It works with project files without connecting to any database and can open any large project plans in a matter of seconds as an independently built tool. ScheduleReader is extensively used as an .XER file viewer and as an alternative to viewing project data in static PDF printouts or Excel files.

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